Addiction treatment California center

If you’ve decided it’s time to act, or you’re acting on a loved one’s behalf, you can rest assured that you’re doing the right thing by contacting Drug Consult 4U.

We tailor our treatment programs to individual cases in order to give the most effective healing possible.

Our ratio of staff to patients is over 1:1, so we can offer an unparalleled level of care at our addiction treatment California center.

Addiction Treatment California Center: the Axis Drug Treatment Center

Our addiction treatment California center treats both alcohol and drug addictions. We have fostered a calm and productive atmosphere, where patients and staff can progress together.

At the Axis Drug Treatment Center, we are dedicated to giving you or your loved one everything needed to beat addiction and live a normal, happy life.

Drug Consult 4U: Addiction treatment California

California is a tough place to live if you have an addiction. Alcohol and drugs are widely available, and are often a part of the culture. Our center helps you to detoxify in a residential setting, and beat your addiction through effective and affordable treatment.

Together we can help you get your life back.

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