Alcohol rehab centers in California

Everyone knows that too much alcohol can be incredibly damaging to your body. At our alcohol rehab centers in California, we offer programs to help you or a loved one deal with the destructive nature of the addiction.

Alcohol is engrained in our culture, making rehabilitation particularly challenging. That’s why Drug Consult 4U is here to help.

Facilities at alcohol rehab centers in California

At the Axis Alcohol Rehab Center, we put residents first. We design programs to fit the individual, rather than fitting the individual to a plan. This helps with treatment and is an effective approach to dealing with alcoholism.

Unlike other alcohol rehab centers in California, we continue to offer our support long after program completion. This helps to ensure patients are able to adapt to a world without alcohol dependence.

Programs at alcohol rehab centers in California

At the center we provide counseling, treatments for the effects of alcohol and support in the event of a relapse once the patient has left the center.

Our aim is to combat addictive behavior and prevent relapses in the future. If you think we can help, get in touch with us today.

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