The best rehab CA can offer

For your loved one to beat their addiction, they must have the best help available.

At Drug Consult 4U, we understand this. We continue to offer our help and support well after our residents have left us.

We believe that an essential part of the treatment process is aftercare; our program is second to none.

Our Los Angeles facility provides the best rehab CA offers.

Care in our rehab CA facility

Our care is structured into three sections. First, we aim to correct any physical issues that patients have. This is the stage when patients live in our facility.

After detoxification is complete, we move onto extended treatment. Patients are able to leave the center during this stage, continuing with their lives while working closely with us.

Finally, we progress to the aftercare stage. Here, we make sure that the changes we have made stick.

The most effective rehab CA offers

Alcohol and drug dependency is a growing problem in the US. More and more people are falling victim to the disease that is addiction. We’re dedicated to helping those who do.

We have the most effective rehab in CA, and are proud of our success rate. We achieve great results because we understand that beating an addiction is hard – that’s why we’re there every step of the way.

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