Looking for drug rehab centers California?

At Drug Consult 4U’s Indian Wells rehabilitation facility, you’ll find one of the best drug rehab centers California has to offer.

Our facilities are designed to ensure your stay is as relaxing as possible; we believe that a soothing environment aids recovery.

Drug rehab centers California

There are many rehabilitation centers in California, but not all of them offer a 28-day stay. National guidelines recommend a 21-day stay, but we believe the additional week enables patients to fully utilize the facilities and professional therapies.

It’s this attention to all aspects of recovery that makes Drug Consult 4U’s facility top of the drug rehab centers California has to offer.

Post-residential care at drug rehab centers California

After you’ve completed your residential care program through Drug Consult 4U, you can transition into our aftercare program. This provides all-important support when you resume your day-to-day life.

Our aftercare program boasts a high success rate. Patients are typically part of the program anywhere between ten months and one year.

If you would like more information regarding any of Drug Consult 4U’s programs, please contact us today.

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