Drug Consult 4U: leaving other rehabilitation centers California in the dust

Looking for an affordable rehab facility offering effective treatment? Forget other rehabilitation centers California; Drug Consult 4U can cater to your every need.

A better standard of care than other rehabilitation centers California

Why are we superior to other rehabilitation centers California? Our care is individually-focused and truly personal.

Every patient that enters our facility is assigned a physician to assess their needs and design a tailored treatment plan. Care plans are updated daily.

Patients can take part in group or individual counseling sessions. They’re also treated for the physical effects of their addiction.

We have an extensive pharmacological facility, ensuring all medication is delivered and administered correctly.

Moving on from rehabilitation centers California

Patients that complete the program are offered the chance to further their recovery at our aftercare facility. One of the most successful in the country, the center aims to help individuals maintain their sobriety long-term. Stays usually last between ten months and one year.

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