Drug Consult 4U’s drug rehab in CA

At Drug Consult 4U, we pride ourselves on getting to the root cause of addiction in order to deliver long-lasting, life-changing treatment.

Drug dependency often stems from unresolved psychological trauma, which we will help you to address at your own pace. Drug Consult 4U is focused on treating the whole person at our drug rehab in CA facility.

The top drug rehab in CA

The Drug Consult 4U drug rehab in CA facility isn’t solely for physical detoxification – although this is an essential component of what we do. We also give you the space, time and support to conquer the psychological issues that hide behind your addiction.

Benefits of drug rehab in CA

Drug Consult 4U’s staff-to-patient ratio is more that 1:1, meaning our residents get all the personal care they need.

Our personalized treatment programs consist of genuine, achievable steps to climb out of addiction for good. For more information about our services or facility, please call Drug Consult 4U at (866) 900-2947.

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