Choosing the right drug rehab centers in California

If you’re looking for around-the-clock support when it comes time to beat your drug habit forever, Drug Consult 4U is the way forward.

Our Palm Springs-based Axis facility is a leader among the best drug rehab centers in California.

The variety of drug rehab centers in California

Whichever drug rehab centers in California make your shortlist, be sure to prioritize care, empathy and a holistic approach to healing. Treatment that addresses both the body and the mind will help you wrestle back control of your life.

At Axis, detoxifying the body occurs first. Then counseling takes place to discover the root cause of chemical addiction. Our experiences have proven time and time again that this is the most successful pathway to successfully beating addiction.

Drug Consult 4U’s drug rehab centers in California

The Axis facility is one of the most successful in California. We boast a more than 1:1 staff-to-patient ratio, which means you’ll receive personal care around the clock.

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