California Residential Treatment from Drugs Consult 4U

Drug Consult 4U operates a leading California residential treatment center for people suffering from drug or alcohol addiction. Our programs are effective and affordable.

California residential treatment for alcohol addiction

Patients entering our alcohol addiction program are first treated for the physical impact of their problem, with access to physicians and nutritional therapists. Gentle exercise options are also offered to every patient.

The intensity and duration of alcohol treatment is decided by factors such as patient age, general health and the length of time they’ve been alcohol-dependent. Cases are constantly reviewed to ensure treatment plans remain relevant to the patient’s needs.

California residential treatment for drug addiction

Our California residential treatment center is kept free of outside influence or potential distractions, allowing our patients to remain focused on recovery.

Patients can take part in group counseling sessions or one-to-one treatment. Each individual is also offered a series of exercises tailored to their personal needs.

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