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If you’re still working towards telling your family about your substance dependency, your anxiety is completely understandable.

Often family and friends are well aware there’s an issue. If this is the case, the news that you’ve sought the help of a California drug rehab center is likely to be a welcome relief.

Telling your family about your California drug rehab center stay

If your family or friends are unaware of your drug dependency and impending stay at a California drug rehab center, be prepared for both positive and negative reactions. Remember to remain calm and reiterate that you’re committed to seeking the help that you need to get a handle on your problems.

Support from our California drug rehab center

Before you share your situation with loved ones, ask for the opportunity to talk uninterrupted. Clearly establish that you acknowledge you have a drug problem and are taking the necessary steps to get it under control.

While it may not happen overnight, ultimately the people who are nearest and dearest to you will understand the journey you’re undertaking and offer their unconditional support.

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