Drug rehab in California

If you acknowledge that you have a drug dependency, Drug Consult 4U is here to help. We’ve gained a long-standing reputation for successfully dealing with alcohol and drug addictions in people from all walks of life.

If you know that drug rehab in California is the only thing that can turn your life around, get in touch today.

Drug rehab in California: our philosophy

Drug Consult 4U’s stance when it comes to addictions is that it’s necessary to treat the whole person, not just the physical addiction. That’s why we’ve developed programs to address the mental and emotional issues that co-exist with physical dependencies.

By focusing on the root cause of addiction, we significantly reduce the risk of relapse following treatment completion.

Drug rehab in California: the Axis Drug Rehabilitation Center

Our specialist center, Axis, is relaxing and fully equipped with pool, spa and gym equipment. At Drug Consult 4U, we believe that both the body and the mind must be healed through drug rehab in California.

Our staff to patient ratio is 1:1, ensuring you gain the highest standard of care. Contact us today at (866) 900-2947 or (760) 469-8275 if you’re serious about kicking your additions for good.

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