Drug treatment centers in California

Recovery from chemical dependency is aided by relaxing and supportive surroundings.

While we’re by no means short of drug treatment centers in California, Drug Consult 4U’s Indian Wells facility is the ideal setting for beginning the recovery process.

With dedicated staff and premium facilities, both patients and their families will enjoy peace of mind.

Residential care at drug treatment centers in California

Unlike many drug treatment centers in California which follow the national guidelines regarding chemical rehabilitation therapy, including 21 days residential care, Drug Consult 4U considers a 28-day stay more healing. This enables a more comprehensive program of professional therapy, as well as better use of the facilities we offer.

Throughout their stay, patients undertake counseling, therapy and exercise. Personal care is our number-one priority – supported by a staff-to-patient ratio of more that 1:1. Post residential treatment, the same staff maintain contact in order to support your ongoing sobriety.

Contact Drug Consult 4U today at (866) 900-2947 or (760) 469-8275 to learn more about how we can help.

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