Drug Consult 4U: Residential Treatment Center in California

If you require treatment for drug or alcohol dependency, ensuring you choose the best care is one of the most important decisions you will make. Drug Consult 4U offers the very best residential treatment center in California.

Our residential treatment center in California

The personalized care you will receive at our residential treatment center in California is both affordable and effective. Each patient is allocated their own personal physician upon admission; both they and Drug Consult 4U’s expert team will oversee a tailored treatment plan 24-7.

We pride ourselves on our 1:1 staff-to-patient ratio.

Therapy at Drug Consult 4U’s residential treatment center in California

Our programs of care include: residential, extended and aftercare.

Those who require detoxification must commit to residential treatment. Once our 28-day program is completed, patients can then transition to an extended outpatient program.

Call Drug Consult 4U on (866) 900-2947 or (760) 469-8275 to set up your initial consultation today.

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