The leading drug rehab in center California

If a loved one is ready to undergo rehabilitation from dependency, Drug Consult 4U – the leading drug rehab center in California – can help them take the next steps. Our personalized care is world-class.

Treatments at our drug rehab center in California

The Drug Consult 4U staff will work with your loved one on both a one-on-one and group basis to help them overcome their addiction. As the best drug rehab center in California, we guide patients through three key rehabilitation steps:

– Residential care
– Extended treatment
– Aftercare

First steps at the Drug Consult 4U drug rehab center in California

In-patient treatment at our center begins with drug detoxification. Medical professionals are available 24-7 to help manage physical symptoms, while therapists and counselors attend to psychological support.

Following a 28-day residential program, patients can transition to an extended aftercare program.

Our three-tiered treatment program has led to one of the highest success rates in the United States. Patient care typically lasts between ten months and one year. Contact us today on (760) 469-8275 or (866) 900-2947 to learn more.

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