Getting the help you deserve with rehab CA

Getting over your chemical dependencies can seem impossible. Many people battle for years, trying to go through the whole thing alone without ever really seeing any signs of success. That’s where Axis Residential can help.

Our Palm Springs facility is specifically designed with rehab CA in mind. Our core treatment programs are some of the best in California, taking into account your individual needs.

Rehab CA whatever your addiction

Detoxification and addiction treatment can be a time-consuming process; we recommend a minimum program length of 28 days. Our skilled medical and counseling team is trained to deal with a wide range of addiction problems, including those involving:

• Alcohol
• Heroin
• Cocaine
• Crack
• Marijuana
• Crystal Meth
• Prescription medication
• Opiates

Axis Residential can provide behavioral treatment, counseling, psychoanalysis, group therapy and family-orientated activities, all within our state-of-the-art facilities. Medication is available to help you through the withdrawal process, and we provide 24-hour care and assistance.

Axis Residential: compassionate rehab CA care and support

If you think rehab CA is the solution to your addiction problems, contact Axis Residential for free and confidential advice. We’re only a phone call away at (866) 900-2947.

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