Drug Consult 4U: the premier residential treatment center California

If you or someone you love requires treatment for addiction, you want to ensure the treatment provider you choose is the best available. That’s where Drug Consult 4U’s residential treatment center California comes in.

Our residential treatment center California

Treatment at our drug rehab center is both effective and affordable, offering individually-tailored care.

When admitted, patients are assigned their own personal physician. This expert member of our team will design their treatment plan and provide support 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

As our staff-to-patient ratio is greater than 1:1, each patient has access to an entire team of dedicated medical professionals, creating a level of care that can’t be matched by any other residential treatment center California.

Therapy options at our residential treatment center California

We offer three primary programs of care – residential, extended and aftercare.

Residential treatment is designed for those who require drug detoxification, with patients moving into the outpatient extended care program once detox is complete.

Drug Consult 4U provides continued support to each and every patient through our aftercare facility – one of the most successful in the country. Stays at the aftercare center usually last between ten months and one year.

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