Choosing a drug treatment center CA

Choosing a drug treatment center CA is an important part of your journey. You need to make sure that you pick a facility that will give you the optimum chance of recovery.

So why should you trust Drug Consult 4 U to help you beat your addiction?

Which treatment center CA?

The main reason that you should choose our drug treatment center CA is because of the quality care we offer.

We attend to the body and the mind with a variety of effective methods. Our treatment also continues long after you’ve left our facility.

Our staff is second to none and, with a staff-to-patient ratio above 1:1, you’re guaranteed a personal service.

Our treatment center CA

At the Axis Center, we want you to relax. If life’s gotten a little hectic lately, our rehab center is the perfect place to step back and take stock.

Unwind by taking advantage of our swimming pool and spa facilities. We also offer a fitness suite, so you can take care of your physical health during your stay.

If you feel the need to sit alone for a while, we have special areas where you’ll be able to find some peace and quiet to help you to wind down.

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