Axis Residential: A California residential treatment center with you in mind

Looking for a California residential treatment center specifically designed to aid rehabilitation from drugs and alcohol? Axis Residential deals with people of all ages as they struggle to leave chemical dependency behind.

High quality California residential treatment

While it’s not easy to admit that you have a problem, drug and alcohol addiction are serious illnesses. That’s why opting for a residential program can be a life line. Axis Residential offers a calm and tranquil environment, so you can start the recovery process in the best possible surroundings.

Our California residential treatment program aims to provide a safe environment for detoxification through our Extended Care, After Care, and Residential Treatment programs. Healing is a lengthy process, but with the help of our highly-skilled medical team, you’ll get the best care possible.

California residential treatment center for chemical addition

Interested? You can find our contact details via our website. For free and confidential advice, call Axis Residential today at (866) 900-2947, or (760) 469-8275. We’ve got the counselors and skills to get your recovery on track.

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